Best way to setup house in houzy

First of all let me say thank you to the people who had the idea to create this amazing piece of software. It’s well designed and goes to the heart of managing a property.
Secondly let me ask for your forgiveness for writing in English but I am an expat and both my French and German are really poor.

Down to the subject, as the title says I am looking for the best way to setup my apartment in houzy and especially it’s window frames.

I live in an apartment with 10 distinct window frames spread out in 3.5 rooms.
If I create 1 entry for each frame the system allows me to have only 5 entries so 5 frames. In the renovation cost then it shows 10K CHF for each frame, so in total 50K CHF for all frames, which seems to me a bit too expensive as I already have collected a couple quotes and it should be close to 20-25K CHF.
If I decide and have only 1 entry for all the apartment frames then in renovation costs it shows me 10K CHF for all frames which is way too cheap if taking into consideration that frames are made of wood and not PVC.

So what am I making wrong?
Which is the right way to setup the window frames?

Thank you before hand for any replies…

@t_spirou Thank you for your feedback! Yes, please ignore the 50k costs - you have found a bug. We will change the calculation logic so that it will recalculate the costs if you add more frames, rather than adding them up. For a renovation like this in an apartment like yours the costs can be around 10k, that is what you get from the renovation costs tool. This is realistic, I just checked with our renovation experts. If it comes down to very specific renovations, like the replacement of 10 distinct window frames, it may well be that this will increase the costs above average. Houzy does not know the details (except the ones about the material, but there are other variables that influence the price), therefore I would recommend you to get a quote, like you already said you did.

@Pascal_Houzy Thank you for your answer. I will follow your advice and remove the extra frames from te setup.

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