English Apartment Rennovation

I am looking to renovate my apartment (8307 area). I need recommendations for the area from anyone with experience?
Thank you

6.5 zimmer, split level…. Extensive work required… in phases


Thank you for writing us. It depends a bit how extensive the work is that you’re planning to do. In case it concerns more or less the whole appartment (kitchen, bath, floor, walls, doors, windows etc.) then it’s best to first get in contact with either an architect or a main contractor/ builder managment company. They can help you with coordinating the different craftsman.

When it only concerns the kitchen or bath, often one of the craftsman can take over the coordination part.

Either way you are welcome to discribe you’re project here: Houzy Craftsman Our Operations team would then get back in touch with you to see how we can help you best.

In case there are further questions you can always reach out to us here, or via phone/E-Mail.

Best regards