Looking for a General Contractor


I need to start a renovation work at my newly acquired duplex in Dielsdorf (ZH). Whilst I don’t speak any German, my architect does and I’m looking for a GU to take over the entire renovation works project starting at some point in June.

I’ve been looking for companies that would fit the description, but I’m struggling in finding enough contacts to initiate a quick bidding (RFP) process.

May any of you provide me with a few pointer?

Thank you all in advance,


I can recommend FUST as GU. This company ist working with local crafsman. FUST ist also available in the Zürich area. Had a very good experience by renovating our holiday home. Quality, material, ideas and excellent price vs service.

Do you mean FUST as in the electronics company?

Yes. FUST ist split into 2 different departments: consumer electronics and „construction“, including bathroom, kitchen and Renovation. For these tasks a construction Manager Leads the whole Transformation of the Renovation.